Day one of no smoking

Holy shit this is hard!!!

So what made me decide to quit? Well a few things. One its another addiction. Two Jerzi was diagnosed with asthma yesterday. And three I just cant afford it.

So I have the nicotine patch, I have my vape and I am going head strong against this. I have been clean 4 months and 18 days from prescription pain meds. So now I will add cigarettes to that. I know I can do it. Especially because I am not just doing it for me but for my childrens health as well. It scared the crap out of me when Jerzi failed the breathing test at the doctors office yesterday. So I’m going to try to get as healthy as I can get with out hurting myself.

If anyone has any suggestions on how they quit or how to curb the cravings please let me know in the comments


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