Body Image

So tonights topic is body image and the difference between how society expects woman to look and how I feel (and I’m sure most of you agree)/ Also since my almost 8 year old daughter is going through the early stages of puberty I think this is a very important topic.

Everywhere in the world we see magazines and models and celebrities without an ounce of fat, no acne, stretch marks, cellulite, perfect hair, etc. Alot of people don’t realize that it is not real. The human body no matter who you are will eventually age, your skin will change and we all know it sucks. But what isn’t fair is that my daughter thinks that her little pudge on her belly makes her fat. She is 4″2′ and 57 lbs. Shes beautiful and proportionate for her body type. she has the typical “baby fat” that every child has. Yet why is she ashamed and self conscious of it?

Because the media tells her she shouldn’t look that way! Even on the disney channel you see these skinny beautiful girls, with tons of friends and attentions. And then there is the one curvier girl that they always make the “funny one” who tells all the jokes but doesn’t get the same attention. So how is she supposed to feel? Not normal, not pretty, because the kids on tv tell her shes fat. Its absolute bullshit.

The way I see it, is that every woman, no matter shape or size is beautiful. I for one have never been the “skinny girl”. I was curvy yet proportionate. After having my oldest daughter, I gained 90 lbs with her and was covered in stretch marks with a c-section scar that I knew I would have forever. At first I was really depressed and felt horrible about myself, but I eventually learned that I was still the same person. And I had a beautiful baby girl to show for the changes in my body. I lost most of the weight and felt great, but then got pregnant with my second daughter. I gained 11 lbs with her and not a single stretch mark. It made me laugh how different my body still was after her c-section, because it was totally something different than the first time. But this time I knew I was BEAUTIFUL!

Now pregnant with my third little girl, and I actually lost 30 lbs in the first trimester and only gained 10 back so far, I think I look amazing. I don’t care if my body is covered head to toe in stretch marks, or if my c-section scar gets bigger and longer. These are my battle scars of motherhood and I cherish every one of them.

I hope that I can teach my daughter, that its the inside that counts, but also as long as you feel beautiful, then it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks. ( It also helps that her mama tells her every day hehe)

Please remember that no matter your shape, size, skin color, hair, scars, curves, skinniness, breast size, or any part of your body you are unsure of, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

All my love


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