Not a great day…..but I’m still alive


I didn’t sleep well last night. Like most nights. Between contractions, pain, and my anxiety it was damn near impossible. I guess this non stop rain isn’t helping at all. I love the sound and smell of rain, but the humidity and pressure just kills my body. Is anyone else like that? What do you do to feel better when the rain causes you pain? I have tried ice, heat, pillows, double pain meds……. gggrrrr I am frustrated.

Days like this when the pain takes over, and I can’t think of anything else, are the days I feel more alone than ever. I’m sure a lot of people feel that way too. Most people don’t understand the pain someone with Ehlers-Danlos deal with. It’s like having the flu, arthritis, broken bones, and being ran over by an 18 wheeler times.

I’m going back to bed…… btw any one recommend any good movies or tv show series I can watch on Netflix. I’ve seen most of the “popular” ones. Thanks guys

All my love!


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